Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Red Haired little brown girl of wonders" and "Surf Fink in Quasimodo pose"

I paint a lot of women, usually I base them off real ones that bummed me out or girls out of vintage skin mag collections. Which is probably pretty sad if you analyze it, or I just like boobs and I'm a pervert, which is also sad.
This was supposed to be a tattoo on Sean Rennel's foot, he is Co Owner of Inkhouse in Irvine. I left the shop before I had a chance to tattoo it so I just painted it for him instead. Surf Fink is a Roth monster, he's one of my favorites because of that bizarre tube tongue so I paint him pretty frequently. I myself can't surf, but I do have that body. The "BWF" is Beowulf's old logo. Beowulf is a killer thrash band from Venice that was really cool before they made a pop punk album and ruined everything.

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