Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Red Haired little brown girl of wonders" and "Surf Fink in Quasimodo pose"

I paint a lot of women, usually I base them off real ones that bummed me out or girls out of vintage skin mag collections. Which is probably pretty sad if you analyze it, or I just like boobs and I'm a pervert, which is also sad.
This was supposed to be a tattoo on Sean Rennel's foot, he is Co Owner of Inkhouse in Irvine. I left the shop before I had a chance to tattoo it so I just painted it for him instead. Surf Fink is a Roth monster, he's one of my favorites because of that bizarre tube tongue so I paint him pretty frequently. I myself can't surf, but I do have that body. The "BWF" is Beowulf's old logo. Beowulf is a killer thrash band from Venice that was really cool before they made a pop punk album and ruined everything.

Biker skull for Adam

Adam Ciferri, visited our shop and gave me one of his tattoo machines. If you're unfamiliar with him, he's a dude that make tattoo machines that are phenomenal. I made this as a thank you to him. The paint is liquid gold and I made the mistake of licking my brushes as I worked which got me pretty fucking sick. Haha so don't do that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I didn't draw this or anything, but both these bands ruled. A lot.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wizards and Genies

This is a little Rollo Banks wizard I did on my friend Art on 4:20, I did it exactly the way it appears on the sheet, line breaks and all
 This is a old Bob Roberts design, I thought I had killed this tattoo until I saw Ben Grillo had also done it a quarter of the size and better. Go to hell Ben.

Jack Rudy and Mike Malone redux

This is a rip of a Jack Rudy flash design, going through old flash you always find some random image that trips you out for some reason. 
 Rollo Banks aka Mike Malone, this was my take on another early 80's fineline flash image. These are always redrawn entirely and never direct copies so much as just tributes the best I can do them.

Eric Maaske and Classic Tattoo Fullerton

Eric Maaske, if you tattoo and you don't know who he is I probably wouldn't like you. Classic Tattoo is like stepping into a time machine. I worked there after Eric Maaske died which is something I appreciate but I sure wish I could have worked for that dude and seen how he tattooed. If you've ever seen a old Eric tattoo on somebody, it's a trip. Dope color and style that stands the test of time. This is a homage to one of his flash designs.

Traditional tattoos and painting, a hard nut to crack

Traditional is one of those styles that everyone has an idea how they think it should look and there's a lot of different ways you can approach it, but ultimately less is more. To this day I have yet to be really satisfied with anything traditional I have done. I mostly just try to bite Mike Malone.

More Single Needle madness

RKL logo, this band rules and I did this tattoo at Orange County Inkhouse while under the influence of umm booze and whatever was lying around, honestly this tattoo required such conditions.
 Bert, on a guy named Bert that works at Inkhouse. Inkhouse is a shop where a lot of my friends work. It's hard to describe I'll just say it's by far the most punk rock tattoo shop ever.
 The fall of Lucifer.. This is a Dore illustration. The word "illustration" bothers me because it's usually fancy talk for really good technical art that no one can touch.. Yet painting a red rectangle on a canvas is "art" so lame. Anyways, worship satan and do drugs.

All things Chicago

This was mailed to a tattooer in Chicago named Josh Howard. I mostly trade painting with random tattooers on facebook if they don't suck and they don't think I suck. I look forward to watching my collection grow over the years.

T-Shirts I designed for the shop

The boobie girl is a rip off of a Sailor Jerry woman and the Oni is, well it's just a fucking Oni cause Oni's are fucking cool. Fucking come down and buy a shirt at POWER TATTOO in Vista CA.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Snake Virgin with Devil Baby and Tech 9

This started off looking like a virgin Mary with a baby and just kinda road off the rails into weirdness.. Now people refer to it as "that boobs and baby painting." Another painting gone weird because of decisions made during sleep deprivation.


All this dude said was "lighthouse, however you want to do it" Everything would come out dope if people just said "subject" then "However you want to do it" 

Roadrunners fuck up frogs

I saw this while walking with a x-girlfriend and it seemed like a deep moment, at the time..
I thought painting this would blow her mind and all she said was "oh yeah, that was gross." You can't win with some people, and those people are usually x girlfriends.

Sailor Jerry Mermaid

Sailor Jerry, what's there to say? I love tattooing his designs, and I hate the fucking rum and the hipster crowd that drinks it. 

Skull covered in Moths covered in skulls...

I like painting with Higgins ink. It's cheap and it's easy to work with. Which is exactly what I want in women.

Meg Griffin and a Surf Fink eating kewpie dolls.

These aren't the most recent pen and ink deals I've done, I've learned a little since I did these. I gotta start photographing more often. Regardless they're both done right after going to the Basil Wolverton exhibit and it left me inspired as hell to draw cheerios and noodle hair. This is a tough medium which is probably why I started this paragraph with excuses.


Conan the Barbarian (original, none of that Dave Navarro looking homosexual remake nonsense) is a awesome movie. Frank Frazetta is a huge influence on me. If you really want to nerd out I even own the original paperback books with Frazetta covers. This was painted for my boss Chris who is probably going to kill me someday for being a pile. I figure it bought me a few months to live. Anyways, I started this painting when the movie started and stopped when the credits started rolling. It's a sloppy barbarian influenced piece of rag.

Barfing Punker skull

Punk Rock, I saw DxIx when I was 14 and that was it. Since then I've collected punk flyers, records and   whatever else on and off over the years. Slime and mohawks will be something I paint forever no matter how watered down they are currently. It's just stuck in my brain and I can't get it out.

Celtic warrior fucks up Roman soldier

My customer Justin came in and described this tattoo down to the very last detail. I think I was just standing behind the counter smiling. As a kid I drew a lot of severed heads, I never thought it would someday be my job. Crom, hears and answers prayers.

Phil Simms girl with dragon

Phil Simms was a amazing tattooer. This is my version of a flash piece in his book (available through State of Grace). I'm not even sure his version was the first. Going back and finding old flash and doing your take on it goes back a long way. I just think if you're doing it now you should give credit where credit is due. 

Single Needle Tattoos

Single Needle is my favorite way to tattoo. It can look gangster or it can look punk rock. If you fuck up it's obvious you did. It looks good over time. You can do anything with this particular technique. I don't know if I lump into any particular group but I definitely tattoo like this more often than not.

Monsters I done drawn up and tattooed

more or less artwork inspired by Ed Roth. Personally my biggest influences are Eddie Deutsch, and Greg Irons. This is all I want to tattoo everything else is just killing time between monsters.

snake eating skulls

This here painting is a snake eating skulls. I'm just starting a blog here and beginning to understand the reason people use these, on facebook this picture looks like shit. You go to hell and you die facebook.

oldies but goodies

These are a couple years old now, I dunno 2007 or something.. I still kinda like them even though I think   there's a lot of things I would do differently now.. Thats everything I suppose