Thursday, September 6, 2012

tattoos maaaaaaan

Couple random walk ins I did this week. This stuff I enjoy doing. I like this stuff. It's pretty fun stuff. 

Here's what you missed...

So in the last few months I went to the Fresno Convention, I found some rad pictures, I passed out drunk, and I tried surfing and on my first time out a giant shark swam under me.. so fuck surfing forever.

wizard battle

I did this with JOSH HOWARD as a collaboration. I think his art and tattoos are fucking awesome. You should too. ALAKAZAM BITCHES

Tattoos of stuff, get bent.

Oh Jesus, I have a shit ton of new work and I have barely posted any new tattoos on here in months.. Here's a couple.. Working on getting more on here. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

punk crap

Punk flash set I did for a book called "born weird." I kinda just did my own thing and forgot about the theme.. Now I wish I had done shit weirder. But you know what? Fuck you. Because I'm fucking tired and I forget things and punk's weird in itself if it isn't some poppy bullshit. 

I need to update this blog more, but most of my photos are on my phone and I really haven't figured out  how to get them on here, tumblr makes it pretty easy. I like this blog better because no one ever looks at it and I can say whatever I want. You suck, eat a dick. 

Shop designs..

Fucking Jesus, forgot I had this blog, I use a tumblr now as well.. Here's a few things I haven't posted...  Shop designs.. blah blah, fuck my life, I hate you.